Why daammee?

"Daammee" is a quintessentially Nepali word meaning awesome! India's premier hill stations Darjeeling and Kalimpong are not just beautiful tourism destinations but they also offer the best in terms of food, arts, and handicrafts. One such creation/modification, however you want to put it, from the region are momos, which has taken the nation, and a certain part of the world, by storm! The founder, is a "Darjeeling & Kalimpong Hills" lover, who has established this platform to support the cottage industries of the region by selling their goods directly to lovers and supporters of the region. So whether it be traditional food like Gundruk and Kinema or traditional craft like Thanka paintings, we have it all! We will bring the awesomeness in everything starting from our customer service to our products to make your experience of the region more "Daammee"!

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